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Carolina Value Pet Care was founded in 2012 by Dr. Bob Parrish. With the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009, Dr. Bob witnessed too many stories of families having to abandon their pets based on the decision of “feed the family or feed the pets”. It was tragic beyond words to see pet owners making this heart-wrenching decision due to financial hardships. This set in motion the desire to find a way to make veterinary medicine more affordable for pet owners. But, instead of building and opening yet another veterinary facility, Dr. Bob ultimately decided to create a mobile service, with a focus on providing affordable, basic pet care.

Our Mission

We have since made it our mission to provide affordable preventative pet care to our service region.

Our staff members share this vision, and it’s why we consider ourselves a team. We are pet lovers who have been together for many years and come from various backgrounds. We share a love for animals and the human-animal bond. We constantly strive to lift one another up and support each other each and every day with compassion and team work as our core values.

Since we began in 2012, our full-time team members have been with us for more than 7 years. That means you’ll see many of the same smiling faces every time you bring your pet to see us, unlike what you routinely experience at corporately owned vet hospitals.

Beyond our work, our team members all have (several of) their own pets at home that they consider family members.

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What makes us different?

Naturally, we are different from your normal veterinarian with a brick-and-mortar style office. Our clinics are weekend-based while also offering two Friday clinics a month and a Cats Only Wednesday clinic.

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In designing our mobile clinics, we know that your pet’s feel the most safe when they are with you. It is extremely important to us that pet owners feel involved in their pet’s care and leave empowered with knowledge. Unlike most veterinary clinics, we want you to be with your pet during the entire visit! We want the pets in our care to be as comfortable as possible while in our care so we encourage our pet owners to participate next to our exam station and talk to their fur babies.

We do not charge office visit fees and try to work with clients to stay within their budgets. We offer a wide range of products and run our own online store for pet medication and supplement refills.

We are a offer the following services:

At all of our events, we offer original educational articles, the opportunity to have consultation sessions with our doctors and follow-up communication with valuable information.

Our YouTube channel hosts several videos on pet allergies, vaccines, nutrition, and general pet care.

Keep in mind that we are all pet lovers and pet parents, too, so we offer only top quality products for your pets at prices you’ll appreciate.

Remember that we’re here for your pets—and for you!

Our Community

We are proud to provide services to pet parents in the following areas.

We set up at area host sites such as churches, American Legions, local pet stores, daycares, and boarding facilities. We love promoting local businesses and frequently donate to the non-profits that host our clinics.

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Keep in mind that we are all pet lovers and pet parents, too, so we offer only the best products available for your pets at prices you’ll appreciate.