Your Pet’s Records: We offer two convenient ways to access your pet’s medical and vaccination records, depending upon how much detail and information you need. In the past, there has been some confusion about these two options, and we want to provide you with the information to get exactly what you need.

Option 1: The PetPage App – Snapshot of Vaccines

This free app can be downloaded right to your phone and will give you a quick snapshot of your pet’s vaccinations and medications. You’ll also have phone access to this information if you need it quickly, such as in an emergency situation.

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Option 2: eVetPractice – Detailed Medical History

When you need much more in-depth information about your pet’s medical history, this online portal is the way to go. As a client of Carolina Value Pet Care, eVetPractice (now Covetrus Pulse) gives you access to your pet’s full medical file including test results as well as your payment receipts.

To access this site, you will need the username and password provided in your Welcome email from us. If you no longer have that or can’t locate it, just email us at  When we reset your login, you will receive an email from Covetrus.

Click here to access Covetrus Pulse/ Evetpractice.