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Feline Distemper


3yr Feline Distemper


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I just need a rabies vaccine for my dog or cat?

That is what we are here for! The cost is the fee listed above and that includes the tax. You will receive a tag and certificate the same day as well as an electronic copy within a week.

What happens if I don't know what my pet needs to be up to date?

That’s ok. Please bring any records you may have, and our team can look them over to make sure we get your pet’s current on vaccines.

I want to buy heartworm prevention. Do I have to get a test for heartworms?

Yes. Here is a blog about why we test for heartworms. Please review our policy on testing and medications.

I just got a new dog and I need puppy shots. Do you offer those?

Yes, puppies can begin their vaccinations for distemper/parvo (DHPP or DHLPP) at 6 weeks old. We follow the recommendations of vaccinating every 3-4 weeks until a minimum of 16 weeks old.

What is a Flex 4 test?

This test not only tests for heartworms but also for Lyme, Erlichia, and Anaplasmosis which are tick borne diseases. This test is important for those adventure dogs!

I just found a kitten and I don't know how old it is. Can you help?

Yes! We can estimate the age of a young kitten by weight and can then recommend deworming, flea treatment, and or vaccinations. After the team estimates the age, they can give you a suggested vaccine schedule.

What is Lepto and does my dog need to be vaccinated?

We recommend all dogs be vaccinated for Leptospirosis when possible. There have been confirmed cases in our area and this disease can be transmitted to people.

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