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CVPC Rabies Vaccine Policy (June 1,2023)

North Carolina General Statute 130A-185 requires that any owner of a dog or cat shall have their animal vaccinated by four (4) months of age and keep the animal currently vaccinated against rabies. Any cat or dog that is overdue for its Rabies vaccine should be re-vaccinated immediately.

Each veterinarian is able to set a “grace period” for re-vaccinating a pet that is overdue for its rabies vaccine. At CVPC, we have a grace period of 8 weeks. This means that any pet that is overdue for its Rabies vaccine, but is vaccinated within 8 weeks of that expiration date, will receive a 3-year Rabies vaccine. If the pet is overdue and is beyond 8 weeks from the due date, they will be given a 1-year Rabies vaccine.

If the most recent Rabies vaccine was given by another veterinary clinic, we require proof of Rabies vaccination before determining if the pet is eligible for a 3 year Rabies vaccine. Proof must be in the form of a Rabies Certificate or an invoice stating the date that the Rabies vaccine was given. Without proof, we will provide a rabies tag and certificate valid for 1 year.

CVPC Prescription Medication Dispensing Policy

Federal Law requires a VCPR (Veterinary Client-Patient Relationship) before dispensing prescription medication. To establish a VCPR, we must physically see your pet on an annual basis before we can dispense prescription medications. Our doctors and staff must confirm that your pet is healthy, and we check your pet’s weight to confirm the correct dosage of medication to be prescribed.

Certain medications may require updated lab work (in particular, heartworm testing) or a visit with our veterinarian to renew a prescription. Refills of the medication Apoquel and Cytopoint injections, require an annual allergy consultation at our current consult/exam fee schedule.

Heartworm Testing/Medication Policy

Heartworm preventions are prescription-only, meaning that only a licensed veterinarian can sell heartworm medication or provide a prescription for heartworm prevention.

Veterinary clinics in the U.S. are bound by the Standard of Care for heartworm testing as established by the American Heartworm Society (AHS). The recommendation by the AHS is to test dogs over 7 months of age once a year / every year for heartworm disease with a blood sample.

All non-injectable heartworm preventions (chewable tablets or topical liquid) MUST be given EVERY 30 DAYS to be effective and injectable ProHeart 6 month and 12 month must be administered in a timely manner.

CVPC extends the annual heartworm testing to every 2 years for current clients who are in compliance with proper dosing (every 30 days for oral/topical and timely for injectable) and administration of heartworm medication to their dogs. Our team will review your pet records for medications purchased as directed. If our records show that your dog is not receiving heartworm medication every 30 days or ProHeart injections are not administered at appropriate times, we will require a heartworm test before dispensing prevention.

Example: If you purchased and started giving 6 months of heartworm prevention in January, but you didn’t return to pick up more until August, that confirms there is a gap of missed doses or inappropriate administration of heartworm prevention. In such cases, we will require a heartworm test before dispensing prevention.

Heartworm Tests from Other Vet Clinics

CVPC will acknowledge heartworm tests performed by other veterinary clinics. Our team will need to see your pet at our clinic along with documentation of the test annually. As indicated above, if your records indicate your pet has not had medication every 30 days (or administered ProHeart injections as scheduled), we will require a heartworm test before dispensing prevention.

Our CVPC Online Store

At CVPC, we have an online store that can be accessed through our website with a variety of prescription and non-prescription pet medications. Our store is operated entirely by CVPC Team Members, all of whom are involved in our weekend clinics and weekday behind-the-scenes work.

Our clients can order directly from our web store: Our internal team will review, approve and ship your pet’s medications as quickly as possible. Any rebates that are offered with your particular product purchase will also be provided to you with your order.

You may also choose (at no additional charge) to pick up your order at any of our scheduled clinic locations. When you place the order choose "Express Pick Up" then enter the name of the location you will use. There is a link to our calendar in this section. Your order along with the invoice and rebate, if available, will be ready at our Greeter Station. Simply hop out of your vehicle, tell the greeter your name and that you have an express pick up. He/She will hand you your purchase on the spot. It's that simple. Please give our team 48 hour notice to prepare your order..

Prescription Authorizations from Outside Pharmacies

CVPC will authorize prescriptions from outside pet pharmacies with the follow guidelines:

  • All Prescription requests must come electronically to (no written prescriptions will be done at clinics ).
  • A $10 administration fee will be collected to authorize a 12 month supply of heartworm and or flea/tick medication to an approved outside pharmacy.
  • The approved pharmacies are: Chewy, 1800 Pet Meds and Petco.
  • If you choose to purchase heartworm medication from an outside pharmacy, we will require annual heartworm testing for your dog.

Important Note About Medication Sourcing

CVPC purchases medications and vaccines directly from U.S. manufacturers. Each manufacturer that we align with guarantees the effectiveness of their product when given as directed. Manufacturers also insure their products are handled, shipped and stored properly according to each product’s guidelines.

CVPC Return/Refund Policy

At Carolina Value Pet Care, we will accept returns of product within 90 days of purchase, as long as they have not expired. The refund amount will be applied to your CVPC account to be used for future services/purchases. Partially used boxes of prescription medication can be returned for partial credit if the product has not expired and the product + packaging are in good condition. Keep in mind that medications must be stored according to manufacturers’ recommendations. All of our medications are backed by the manufacturers to be effective when stored properly and when given to your pet as directed. Our return policy is in place for the safety of all pets. If you need additional information or guidance about the products we offer, you may also contact the manufacturers directly.

These policies have been updated as of June 1, 2023.