Now that you have seen our veterinarian for an allergy consultation, here are the next steps to help your pet. Below are the pertinent videos discussing pet allergies. We have also provided a link to the allergy handouts with strategies to provide relief for your pet. 

Please call or text us with any follow up questions or concerns.

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Click on each link below to view the associated video: 

1. Deep Dive - Environmental/Seasonal Allergies 

2. Environmental/Seasonal Allergy Quick Tips

3. Food Allergy Diagnosis (Canine & Feline)

4. Feline Focused Food Allergy Information

5. Canine Focused Food Allergy Info

6. Apoquel for Allergies

7. Cytopoint for Allergies


1. Food Allergies 

2. Seasonal Allergies 

3. Itchy Pet - Part Two