We understand that visits to the veterinary clinic or even car rides can be stressful for cats. The majority of cats tend to become anxious during these experiences.

Obviously, there will be times when your cat needs to travel, whether for vaccinations, boarding, or other reasons. It's crucial to try to make these experiences as comfortable as possible for your cat. I'd like to offer some tips to help achieve this.

Dr. Bob Parrish
Carolina Value Pet Care

Firstly, a common issue is that cats often associate their carrier with negative experiences. I recommend making a habit of leaving the carrier out regularly. This can help desensitize your cat and reduce the fear associated with the carrier. If possible, bring out the carrier at least three or four days before a veterinary visit or any other time you'll need to use it.

I'd also like to introduce you to a product called Feliway. This comes in a spray and a diffuser form and is beneficial in calming cats. It's particularly useful in multi-cat households or to alleviate tension among cats. While it doesn't work for every cat, it is effective for the majority and is worth trying. For instance, placing a sprayed paper towel in your cat's carrier can have a calming effect.

If you're planning a visit to the vet, you can spray Feliway in the carrier once a day for three or four days beforehand. Alternatively, you could apply a spray to a small cloth or bandanna and place it around your cat's neck, providing a constant exposure to Feliway.

When it comes to placing your cat in the carrier, there are various types to consider. For example, backpack-style carriers with a window bubble are relatively easy to use. However, for more traditional carriers, always place a towel inside for comfort and hygiene. If your cat is reluctant to enter the carrier, you could gently wrap it in a pillowcase before placing it inside.

Another tip is to use catnip toys, which can have a soothing effect, though they are not as effective as Feliway. Once you arrive at the clinic, covering the carrier with a towel can help minimize your cat's exposure to unfamiliar dogs and reduce stress.

Finally, we recommend using Feliway spray in the clinic as well to maintain a calming environment. Remember, every cat is unique, and understanding their specific needs can greatly enhance their experience during travels and veterinary visits.

In addition to these tips, I'd like to mention that we offer cat-only clinics twice a month, providing a dog-free environment for a more comfortable experience. We use Feliway Optimum in these clinics, which has been clinically proven to be effective. I advise against using knockoff products and sticking to the original Feliway brand for the best results.

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