Want to Save Money on Pet Medications?

What You Need To Know About Overseas Pharmacies

Carolina Value Pet Care purchases medications and vaccines directly from U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers.  Each manufacturer that we align with guarantees the effectiveness of their product when given as directed.  Manufacturers also ensure their products are handled, shipped, and stored properly according to every product’s unique guidelines.  Each pharmaceutical company has a team of veterinarians and technicians available to assist you if your pet has an adverse reaction to their medication, or if you just have questions about their products.

We are aware that a very small number of dog owners try to purchase prescription products through outside pharmacies for medications that are manufactured in Asia, which are then often transported to Singapore or Australia before being shipped overseas.  I can never endorse those products.  Ever.  And here’s why …

First and foremost, there is no guarantee of the quality of those products.  Period.  Are you actually getting the proper dosage that is listed on the label? If your pet has a bad reaction to that questionable medication, who are you going to call after taking your pet to the Emergency Room?  Are you going to call the manufacturer in Asia to let them know about the problem and expect them to help you or address their concerns or try to get some compensation ??? Good luck with that.
These medications are transported to the U.S. on cargo ships that can take a couple of weeks to make it to the U.S. mainland Then the medications often sit in a hot port for several days (typically the Port of Los Angeles), waiting to be unloaded.  Once they’re unloaded, they’re still going to sit on the docks for a few days baking in the sun before being loaded onto trucks.   Do you really think it’s in the best interest of your pet to be given a critically important medication that has been cooking inside a 135°F cargo container for days on end just to save a few bucks !?   No way ~ not me.  

You wouldn’t dream of taking that medication for yourself  ~ so why would you give it to your dog or cat?  That’s OK if you want cheaper dishes, lightbulbs, windshield wipers, computers, etc etc etc.  But draw the line when it comes to healthcare products that go into or on our bodies.  We understand the need to save money, especially when someone has multiple pets.  

That’s why we do what we do at Carolina Value Pet Care.  Consider the “real costs” and concerns if you choose to bypass U.S.-made pharmaceuticals. Both you and your pet are worth receiving the highest quality products available.