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Have you tried brushing your pet’s teeth, only to be frustrated when it turns into a wrestling match?  Does your pet’s breath make you gag whenever you cuddle up near them?  Believe me, I know how you feel.  Fortunately, there is some help  ~ And your pet will probably love it!

A daily treat that I give to my own dogs are VEGGIE-DENT Tartar Control treats.  VEGGIE-DENTS do a great job of keeping teeth cleaner, and your pet’s breath will be fresher and definitely less offensive when given regularly.  The treats are plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, with no artificial ingredients or chemicals.  VEGGIE-DENTS also contain a prebiotic (think of a prebiotic being ‘fertilizer’ for your beneficial gut bacteria) to help with digestion.  And VEGGIE-DENTS come in an original “Fresh” formula, a “Zen” formula (with L-Theanine) that can help with dogs that are stressed or anxious, as well as a “Flex” formula to support joint health, particularly beneficial for older dogs. 

And VEGGIE-DENTS will soon be available for your Cats

We have a variety of VEGGIE-DENT Tartar Control Treats available at our weekend vaccine clinics, as well as on our online store.  At our clinics, you may also purchase single, individual VEGGIE-DENT sticks to see if your pet loves them as much as mine do.   To purchase online, go to our website.  Find the ONLINE STORE tab, then click on the Dental products.

And enjoy snuggling up to your dog once again !

– Dr Bob & the Carolina Value Pet Care Team