Allergic Dermatitis: Part 5

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While I have briefly described in Part 3 of this series ways to manage Allergic Dermatitis, let’s take a closer look at products we have available through Carolina Value Pet Care that can be very helpful to manage the problem of an itchy, scratchy, chewy dog.

The newest additions to our choices are Dermoscent Essential 6 and PYOspot.  These are topical products that are gaining the attention of veterinary dermatology (skin) specialists.  While they will not stop the itchiness of allergies, both have an important place in managing allergies.

It helps to understand that our skin is a barrier.  And as a barrier, it keeps stuff out (such as pollens and toxins, etc) and it keeps stuff in (such as water / moisture).  When pets (and people) develop allergic dermatitis, the skin undergoes significant changes, and the normal ‘barrier’ is disrupted, making it far more likely that pets will lose moisture and become far more prone to developing bacterial and yeast infections, which can greatly increase the itching and further magnify the changes in the disruption of the skin barrier.

Dermoscent Essential 6 is a topical liquid that effectively restores the hydration level of the skin.  It reduces scaling and flaking of the skin.  It can reduce the funky odor resulting from allergies.  It can help maintain the glossiness of the hair coat.  And it can support the re-growth of hair when there is hair loss.  It is applied once a week between the shoulders of the pet for 8 weeks, then used every 2 weeks thereafter as needed. And do not bathe your pet for 2 days before applying and 2 days after application.

PYOspot is also a topical liquid that is intended for dogs with recurring bacterial infections of the skin.  It restores the balance of the normal skin bacteria and reinforces the skin barrier to help restore the hydration of the skin.  It is applied once a week as needed (minimum of 8 weeks) between the shoulders of the pet.  And do not bathe your dog for 2 days before applying and 2 days after application.

For shampoos, we carry 3 choices: 1) VetraSeb CK … 2) Aloe & Oatmeal .. .3) Pramox with Oatmeal.

The Vetraseb CK is best for those dogs with bacterial and/ or yeast infections of the skin.

The Aloe and Oatmeal is an all purpose shampoo and useful for mildly itchy dogs.

Pramox with Oatmeal is best for very itchy dogs.

So the endless question:  How often to bathe???  Here’s the correct answer:  As often as you can do it!  Depending on the severity of your dog’s skin condition, bathing 2 or 3 times a week can be extremely helpful.  And PLEASE:  DO NOT USE DAWN!!!  Save it for your dishes!

Lastly, with so many dogs with bacterial and / or yeast infections, we absolutely must work to eliminate them in order to reduce your pet’s itching.  We have Keto-C Spray and Keto-C Wipes and Keto-C Flush that all provide the same benefit to help control your dog’s skin infections.

– Dr Bob Parrish @ Carolina Value Pet Care