Heartworm And Felines


If you have a dog, you’ve no doubt heard our Carolina Value Pet Care team members and me strongly encourage you to get your dog on heartworm prevention.  And we’ll always continue to do so.  It’s that important for your dog’s health, well-being and protection against this potentially life-threatening disease.

If you have a cat, perhaps we haven’t repeatedly filled your ears about the need for heartworm prevention.   Why is that? Is it because cats don’t get heartworms ???

Actually cats DO get heartworm infections.  But in cats, heartworms are a vastly different disease than in dogs.  Of course, the one common trait to all pets is that they can only get heartworms from mosquitos.  There is no other way. 

So how is the disease different between cats and dogs ?


DOGS – Very reliable tests to tell if your dog does or does not have heartworm infection
CATS – Very difficult to diagnose with tests

DOGS – May develop dozens of worms in the heart and lungs
CATS – May only develop 1 or 2 worms

DOGS – May carry heartworms for years before developing signs and symptoms of disease, and ultimately become fatal
CATS – Even with only 1 heartworm, it can cause sudden death

DOGS – Effective treatments available
CATS – No effective treatment available
Just as with dogs, cats that spend any time outdoors are at higher risk of getting heartworm disease.  And I highly recommend that those kitties definitely should be on heartworm prevention.   While less of a threat to indoor cats, heartworms infection can occur since mosquitos do sneak into the house on occasion.

We offer 2 different products which provide heartworm and flea protection.

Bravecto Plus – A topical liquid that prevents heartworms as well as treats fleas, ticks, roundworms, and hookworms with a single application every 2 months / 60 days.
Revolution Plus – A topical liquid that prevents heartworms and treats fleas, ticks,  roundworms, and hookworms with a single application once a month / every 30 days.
We are happy to provide you with any additional information about heartworm disease and prevention in both dogs and cats.

Dr Bob Parrish & The Carolina Value Pet Care Team