New Product! Apoquel Chew

Dear Friends of Carolina Value Pet Care,

Over the past 11 years, we’ve seen thousands of dogs and cats with allergies that typically shows up with pets that are biting, scratching, licking, itching, chewing, rubbing, rolling … and in many cases, with irritations or infections of the ears.
For dogs only, among the ways we can help provide relief from allergies is the use of a prescription medicated tablet given by mouth called Apoquel. While Apoquel doesn’t work for every dog, it has been an extraordinary source of relief from the agony of non-stop itching, chewing, etc for ~85% of the Dogs we see.
Up until now, Apoquel has only been available in a tablet form.
We would like to announce that Apoquel is now available in a tasty Chewable Tablet. Same exact product. Same exact ingredient. But you now have a choice between a Tablet or Chewable Tablet. You get to choose. Or maybe your dog will choose for you ~ perhaps they’ll let you know their preference.
The price for the Chewable Tablets is the same as for the regular Tablets. You will also find that the Apoquel Chewable Tablets are now available on our online store as well as at our live clinics.
And be sure to take advantage of the manufacturer’s Zoetis Rewards program for added savings on future purchases of Apoquel and other Zoetis products that we carry.
If we have not seen your Dogs for allergies before, we do require an initial examination and consult for a fee as there may be other skin or ear problems that need to be addressed beyond just the itching, chewing, licking, etc.
So many of these allergic dogs live in misery day-after-day. And they don’t have to. We know that some of you are too timid to bring your allergic pet in to be seen since you feel like we or other people will judge you as a Bad Dog Mom or Bad Dog Dad. Not us. We just want to help your pet however we can to give them a better quality of life. If you and your dog need us, we’ll be waiting to see you when it’s time.

All the best,
Dr Bob Parrish